Preschool Groundbreaking Photos!

Construction work for the new preschool building began with a Groundbreaking Ceremony on February 23 in which forty-four preschoolers, dressed in hard hats, performed songs at the site of their new school.

Over a continental breakfast, Marilyn Wells and Heidi McLean, Co-Chairs of the Board of Trustees, welcomed everyone.  Debbi David thanked the  Board of Trustees for their support, acknowledged Preschool Founder, John Green and other special guests.  Debbi also announced two leadership gifts for the Preschool Capital Campaign with a very special thank you to the Minsun Suh and Gyugn Si, and the California Community Foundation. Debbi presented Preschool Director, Katarina Matolek, with a special Time Capsule collection from each grade at the big school.  The finale was a special performance by our wonderful Dolphin and Tiger students.  Please click here to see pictures covering the ceremonial event, and here to view plans and find out more about our new preschool!

The Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press also covered the Groundbreaking Ceremony. Click here to read more!

Head of School Deborah David, Preschool Director Katarina Matolek and Preschool Founder John Green break ground at the new preschool campus.

Deborah David addresses the crowd at the groundbreaking ceremony.

(from left to right) Deborah David, Marilyn Wells, Kelley Nelson and Heidi McLean


Preschoolers wait to perform during the ceremony.

(Left to right) Gyugn Si, Minsun Suh, Debbi David, Marilyn Wells and Heidi McLean break ground on the new preschool campus site.

Katarina Matolek, Director of the Preschool, and a St. James' Preschool student enjoy the event.

Katarina Matolek receives a time capsule full of gifts from the entire school.

Father Paul blesses the school site.

The St. James' Preschoolers perform at the ceremony.